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Dundalk Leisurecraft

Dundalk Leisurecraft CT Tranquility Barrel Sauna

Dundalk Leisurecraft CT Tranquility Barrel Sauna

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This Canadian Timber Tranquility Barrel Sauna with 45cm Porch that seats 6-8 people is handcrafted from Eastern White Cedar that has a lighter color and tight knots in the wood. A great sauna for larger families, or your favorite get together spot.

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Product Assembly

  • Front Porch - 45cm Front Porch with benches included in with this model.
  • Aluminum Bands - Marine Grade Aluminum Bands with stainless steel bolts to tighten.
  • Removable Floor - This model includes a removable flat floor.
  • Solid Wood Benches - Includes Solid cedar benches that are wide enough to lay down or comfortable to sit up.