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Saunum AirIQ Wi-Fi Multi-Function Sauna Heater Control

Saunum AirIQ Wi-Fi Multi-Function Sauna Heater Control

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With a Saunum AirIQ control unit, control of the Saunum Air electric sauna heater is easy and convenient. Three programmable sauna types let you heat the sauna with just a few taps on the screen. The AirIQ allows you to activate a tailored sauna profile and have your custom sauna ready at the time you specify on your mobile device.  This improves your sauna experience and reduces energy consumption. 
With the Saunum AirIQ Wi-Fi, you can control your sauna from anywhere, at any time. Simply pair the Saunum AirIQ app with the Saunum AirIQ Wi-Fi that is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Sauna notifications are displayed on the user's mobile device. The AirIQ is UL listed for safety.

Easily control the Saunum heater and climate device with just a few taps on the screen.

  • Temperature selection ranges from 104 °F – 194°F (40°C - 90°C). 
  • Allows you to set the operating time of the heater: up to 1 hour in a private sauna, up to 6 hours in a public sauna. 
  • Allows you to select up to 3 Preset Sauna settings: (selectable temperature, time, climate device speed)
  • Classic Nordic Steam Sauna
    • for temperatures from 140°F - 194°F (60°C - 90°C). Valve of the Climate Device open to 25% with speed level 1.
  • Humid Steam-rich Sauna
    • for temperatures from 113°F - 140°F (45°C - 60°C). Valve of the Climate Device open to 100% with speed level 2 or 3.
  • Mild, Relaxing Sauna
    • for temperatures from 104 °F – 131 °F  (40°C - 55°C). Valve of the Climate Device open to 25% with speed level 1.
  • AirIQ WiFi allows for sauna session scheduling for a specific day, time, and sauna type for the week.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi interface for Saunum mobile app available on AppStore and Google Play.
  • Notifications will be conveniently displayed directly onto your mobile device via the Saunum mobile app.
    •  Sauna is Ready
    •  Heating Status
    •  Door is Open
    • Overheating protection applied.
  • Multi-Language menu includes English, German, Estonian, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, and Slovenian.
  • Outside Sauna room installation
  • Screen lock
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Door Sensor
Display Panel
Model AirIQ Wi-Fi
Certification/Global Safety Rating UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
Type Digital, Soft-Touch
Response Tactile with Haptic Feedback Technology
Language Selection 16-Languages
Wi-Fi Capability Wi-Fi, App-Based Updates & Operation
Notifications Sauna is Ready, Heater Status, Open Door, and Overheating Protection
Safety Features Admin, Screen Lock, Door Sensor, and Overheat Protection
Color Nordic Black
Heat Equalizing Control 3-Speed Adjustability
Depth .8" (20.32 mm)
Width 3.3" (83.82 mm)
Height 4.1" (104.14 mm)
IP Rating IP20
Minimum Temperature Setting 104-Degrees Fahrenheit (40-Celcius)
Maximum Temperature Setting 194-Degrees Fahrenheit (90-Celcius)
Duration Timer 1 - 6 Hours
Display Panel Cable (included with heater) 4-Conductor Cable (150-Degree C), 20AWG, 15' (475.2 cm)
Door Sensor & Cable Assembly (included with heater) 2-Conductor Cable (150-Degree C), 20AWG, 9.83' (299.62 cm)
Door Sensor Probe 1" Long and .24" Diameter (25 x 6 mm)
Operating Temperature Range -4 - 145-Degrees Fahrenheit (-20 - 62 Celsius)
Programmability Weekly Scheduling with Three Programmable Sessions
Temperature Settings Fahrenheit or Celsius
Region Settings North American and European Versions
Room Temperature Sensor (included with heater) Pre-Mounted with Integrated Cable (150- Degree C), 9.5' (289.56 cm)
Power Unit
Certification/Global Safety Rating UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
Operating Voltage 240VAC 1 Phase
IP Rating IP64
Depth 2.36" (59.94 mm)
Width 6.5" (165.5 mm)
Length 10.11" (256.79 mm)
  • Soft-Touch Display Panel (Wi-Fi App-Based Updates & Operation)
  • Wall Mounting Plate & Fasteners
  • Power Unit
  • Door Sensor Magnet
  • Installation & Operation Manual
  • Limited Warranty

The warranty is only valid if a completed installation report is submitted with the claim;

  • The AirIQ is connected to the mains in accordance with all laws and regulations by a licenced, certified electrician;
  • A warranty period of two (2) years applies to the AirIQ if it is used in a private sauna;
  • A warranty period of one (1) year applies to the AirIQ if it is used in a public sauna.


The Saunum warranty starts from the date of purchase and includes all manufacturerprovided parts of the control unit. The warranty covers faults from the manufacturing and materials only. Under this warranty, Saunum will provide replacement parts to the buyer, but only after the faulty parts have been returned to the manufacturer or reseller. Replacement of any part in the control unit by Saunum does not extend the original warranty period. The electrical device should only be connected to mains in accordance with all laws and regulations by a licenced, certified electrician. The warranty applies only to the first installation of the product and to the original purchaser.


The warranty does not cover:

  • Routine maintenance and cleaning of the device, and replacement of the components due to normal wear and tear
  • Risks arising from transport • Damage resulting from the misuse of the AirIQ
  • Damage resulting from the improper installation of the AirIQ
  • Adaptation or modification of the AirIQ for any purpose other than that indicated in the instructions for use
  • Repairs to the AirIQ not carried out by Saunum’s recommended repair and maintenance partners
  • Accidents, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation, or any other factor beyond the control of Saunum