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Saunum Himalayan Salt Set

Saunum Himalayan Salt Set

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Add the ultimate functional accessory into your Saunum heater with the Saunum Himalayan Salt Orb Set. With 7 Pink Himalayan salt orbs, experience the benefits of this therapeutic mineral within your sauna environment. Benefits include improved respiration, blood circulation, and relaxation. When placed into the heater, or an AirSolo, you will amplify the properties of the Himalayan salt, as well as the sauna. Elevate your sauna game with the Saunum Himalayan Salt orb set.

  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Detoxifies the skin and body
  • Aids in relaxation 
  • Easily placeable salt mineral orbs 
  • Compatible with Saunum sauna heater climate device and the AirSolo Series
Model Salt Orb Set
Construction Material Salt
Product Dimensions ~
  • 7 Himalayan Salt Orbs